Join us on Saturday, August 13th for the 3rd Annual Knoxville 5K!

Saturday, August 13th at 9:00 AM

In this crazy world it is easy for people to rush by and take for granted a hug from a family member, a kiss from their parents, or holding the hand of a loved one, never knowing just how lucky they truly are. How lucky you are to have the privilege to run in a park for a 4-year-old boy, Asa Madden, who struggles just to stand and walk every day. Asa hurts with every hug, every kiss, and every time he holds your hand, but this brave boy will still reach his hand out to hold yours to show you how much he cares for you. He will lean in for a kiss on the head every chance he gets. If my nephew can overcome his daily pain and struggles we can spend a few hours of our time one morning running and walking to support him. Asa may struggle to walk, but he gives our hearts the strength and dedication that we need to participate in this race. Asa is the sunshine of my life and every time I see his smiling face and those big brown eyes I know I will always happily fight for him. He gives me the strength to overcome all obstacles and fears. 

The money earned from this event will go to support research, provide supplies, and help to Asa and families like him. Many patients with EB travel out of state for care and support, and many insurances do not cover the supplies needed for these patients' care. debra of America is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to fund research and provide supportive services and programs for those with EB.


NEW - Team Asa T-Shirts - get yours at the event!

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For more information on EB and/or debra of America please visit

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