Meet the Coach: Moishe (Marc) Gamss


"When I started training for my first endurance race - a half marathon - running was a fringe activity in the Jewish community and I figured it would be a nice unique challenge to take on, and cross off my bucket list. 11 years, 53 races and north of 10,000 miles later, I’m still at it and have experienced the benefits that running brings to many different aspects of my life.

Running is a funny thing. There are many different reasons that push different people to start. Some see it as a necessary evil that keeps them healthy, others can’t wait to lace up go for a therapeutic run after a tough day at school or work, and some people just do to be faster than someone else. For me, all of the above are true. But aside from the health benefits, increased energy, and competitive aspects, the sport has helped me navigate many different types of life’s challenges. Having struggled my way through different races – 5Ks are short but INTENSE, marathons are not quite as intense but require A TON of mental and physical stamina, and the in-between races combine those difficulties – I have been able to rough my way through the quick, concentrated challenges that life throws at me, and to be patient with the long drawn-out tests by not sweating the small stuff.

Running is a personal experience for everyone, and unless you get involved, you won’t know what your experience will be. With Team Butterfly we can experience it together."

- Coach Moishe