5th Annual Rafi's Run

Rafi and friends at Halloween in Ardsley!
Rafi and friends at Halloween in Ardsley!

Rafi's Ardsley All Stars


Let's show Rafi that Ardsley is behind her every step of the way! Join the Rafi's Ardsley All-Star Team or make a donation to our team today!

Rafi and her family moved to Ardsley last summer, and she has already found a comfortable place at Concord Road School. Rafi sings in the chorus, is in girl scouts, plays a musical instrument and embraces life to the fullest.

To say that Rafi is brave and inspirational is an understatement. Even though she endures unimaginable difficulties and challenges every single day, she has an amazing attitude and is just like every other kid.

She is one of our classmates and we want her to know we think she's really great!





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